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The La Crosse Thinkers Podcast
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Episode 1: John Nunley, Labor Market, Automation, and Student Internships
Episode 2: Scott Cooper, Living on the Edge: Organisms in Extreme Environments
Episode 3: Greg Sandland
, Disease Transmission and Parasites
Episode 4: Dena Huisman, You are What you Speak: Everyday Interactions and How They Make Us Who We Are
Episode 5: Song Chen, the Era of Big Data
Episode 6: Kyle Lincoln, Why Study Medieval History
Episode 7: Ryan McKelley, Irresistable: Addictive Technology
Episode 8: Kate Hawkes, Art and Community
Episode 9: Ingrid Van Duyne, People who Identify as Transgender: Myths, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings
Episode 10, Rebekah Fowler, Game of Thrones and Medieval History
Episode 11, Laurie Harmon, Time Wasted or Well Spent? Leisure in the New Millennium
Episode 12, Ben Golden, Our Stuff: Design, Sustainability and Craftsmanship in the Age of Ikea
Episode 13: Tesia Marshik, Don't Believe Everything You Think: Battling Bias, Misinformation, and Pseudoscience
Episode 14: Adam Driscoll, Sustainable Eating and Living in an Unsustainable Age
Episode 15: Peter Wilker, Immunology, Vaccine & Influenza
Episode 16: Nathan Warnberg, the Growth Mindset and Personal Success
Episode 17: Donleigh Gaunky, Veteran Suicide: What You Don't See
Episode 18: Richard Mclaughlin, Bacteria Study and Porpoises Protection
Episode 19: Nabamita Dutta, Gender, Culture, Politics and the Economic Development
Episode 20: Joe Gow and Carmen Wilson, Vegen Diet
Episode 21: Andrew Jagim, the Science of Weight Loss and Dietary Supplements
Episode 22: Adam Driscoll, Why Are We So Obsessed with Sports
Episode 23: The Serengeti Rules: an Interview with Sean Carroll by Barrett Klein
Episode 24: Brian Tippetts, Solid Waste, Recycling and Sustainability
Episode 25: Chris Hardie, the Economical Development and Labor Market of La Crosse
Episode 26: Bart Vanvoorhis, Consciousness
Episode 27: Shauna Sallmen, Interstellar Medium and Exoplanet