Data science looks to build knowledge in mathematics, computer programming and statistics. If you have taken MTH 309, CS 120 and MTH 145, or possess the basic knowledge about matrix, coding and statistics/data, you are ready to go.

We currently offer the following two focuses in data sciences

Data analytics: statistics and business skills oriented. Students aim to apply statistical models to solve real business application. Students are required to present their results to a wide audiences through writing and oral presentation.

Deep learning: programming skills oriented. Students aim to built automated deep learning algorithms to process large amount of data. Some key skills are neural network, computer vision, natural language processing, Hadoop & cloud computing.

Contact Dr. Wako Bungula (, Dr. Song Chen (, or Dr. Chad Vidden ( for registration.

For advice on job applications check this tutorial.


Preferable Students should have taken MTH 309, CS 120 and MTH 145, or demonstrate a basic knowledges about matrix, computer programming and statistics.
Student need to complete the following prerequisite by the beginning of the semester.
  • Data analytics track: Detailed requirements.
  • Deep learning track: complete the Deep Learning Specialization offered on Coursera and earn a pass grade in all five courses. It's strongly recommended that you acquire a certificate of the specialization. It will add a lot to your resume.
Time commitment during the semester: 4 hours/week (1 hour meeting and 3 hours individual working time). More time commitment may lead to better outcome and more independent study credit hours. Discuss details with Dr. Song Chen or Dr. Chad Vidden.


  • Student complete the prerequisite during the summer/winter break and notify the instructor ( by the beginning of the semester for qualification.
  • Instructor register the qualified students to MTH 498 (independent study credit, 1 - 3 credits depending on the commitment).
  • By the end of the third week, students finish picking their projects and work on them for the rest of the semester.
  • By the end of the semester, students are required to submit a written report (12-20 pages) and orally resent their work.