Research interest

Numerical solution of partial differential equations: finite element methods, porous media, bio-convection.

Interdisciplinary research: data science/machine learning with applications in marketing, medical research, psychology, and transportation.


S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. From Data to Decision, a Handbook for the Modern Business Analyst. Cognella Academic Publishing

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  • Faculty Research Grants: Applied text analytics: extracting business insight from open-ended surveys, 2018
  • Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematical Science, NSF,  2017  
  • Faculty Research Grants: Marketing segmentation techniques for targeting switchable consumers, 2016
  • Xcel energy fundings, 2015-2016
  • UWL Foundation Grants, 2015
  • Faculty Research Grants: Mathematical Modeling of Plain Weaving Fabric Using the Heterogeneous Multi-scale Finite Element Method, 2014