Getting Involved in Research


Dr. S. is active in several areas of astrophysics. See the Main Website for Dr. S. for an overview and links to further details. Interested students can work on a variety of projects. All are currently related to the interstellar medium (ISM).

How do I get involved

That's easy! Come talk to Dr. S. and say you're interested!

What would I be doing?

UW-L undergraduate students have done the following, receiving credit and/or grant funding for their efforts:

What would I gain?

Undergraduate research gives you the opportunity to learn about the process of research -- it is rarely as linear as course-based learning.
Participating in research provides the opportunity to really "sink your teeth" into something.
During these projects, you will:

Eventually, you'll have the opportunity to communicate your project - its goals, procedures and results. Students have presented at:

These are all skills that will serve you well in your future, no matter what you end up doing!
And if that wasn't enough, you can receive course credit for research during the school year, and can often obtain a stipend for summer research activities.
Most of my students who were interested have successfully applied for and received funding.

I can get credit for this?
Undergraduate research students are encouraged to enroll in PHY 498 -- Astronomy Research, a course designed to introduce and incorporate students into some of the research opportunities described here.

Yeah, credit is nice, but Show Me the $$$!
Funding for research is available from a variety of sources.
Students may apply for funding through various UW-L, College, and External programs. For example:

Certain projects may, at times, also be funded through external agencies.

Astronomy Research Opportunities away from UW-L

For those wishing to pursue astronomical research elsewhere, related opportunities are available through: Note that this list is likely to be incomplete.

Last updated August, 2014