Hello! I am The Mysterious Mister Magicovitch and

    I am here to perform a very interesting ‘virtual card trick’ for you!

    Ooooohhh!  Very Interesting…



    Click HERE to go to a website to see the card trick...                               



    You may choose to ignore the advertisements on that page

    (I have had nothing to do with those -- for all I know,

      their ads may contain computer viruses or cookies;

      I'm not responsible for any of that bad stuff if it happens to you).

    However, I do like the card trick, and you will too.

    You should focus deeply on the card trick...



     Honestly, don't you have anything better to do than to sit 
     around in front of a computer doing silly 'virtual card tricks'?

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     Image copied from the LarryNorman.com website (1990s version).             

     Photo available via the WayBack Machine Internet Archive.                        

     I originally saw this 'virtual card trick' at LarryNorman.com.                         

     Photo is copyright (c) by the estate of Larry Norman,                                  

     Solid Rock Records, Street Level Records, and/or Phydeaux Records.