Former Faculty & Staff Members of the

Department of Management at the

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse


Administrative Departmental Assistants:


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Tenure-track faculty:  (* = Emeritus status)

NAME (decades taught here) -- Primary area taught

*Cloyce Campbell (1970s - 1980s) -- Small Business management (Dept. Chair)
*Tom Kuffel (1980s - 2000s) -- Business Policy & Strategy (Dept. Chair)

*Paul Keaton (1980s - 2000s) -- Human Resource Management

*John Betton (1980s - 2000s) -- International, Business & Society (Dept. Chair)

*Leticia Pena (1990s - 2000s) -- International, Organizational Behavior

*Tom Hench (1990s - 2000s) -- Management History, Business Policy & Strategy (Dept. Chair)



Ron Greenwood (1970s - 1980s) -- Management History

Mary Gander (1970s - 1980s) - Organizational Behavior

Charles Redel (1970s - 1990s) -- Business Law
William Perkett (1970s - 1980s) -- Dean, College of Business Administration
John Kulp (1970s - 1980s)


Fikru Boghossian (1980s - 1990s) -- Business Policy & Strategy (Dept. Chair)
Augustus Abbey (1980s - 1990s) -- Labor & Employment Relations
Dayr Reis (1980s - 2000s) -- Production & Operations Management (Dept. Chair)
Li Xu (1980s) -- Information Systems

Kakoli Bandotholey (1980s) -- Production & Operations Management

Dorothy Marcic (1980s) -- Organizational Behavior
Susan Willey (1980s) -- Business Law
Sohail Chaudhry (1980s) -- Production & Operations Management
Jung Shim (1980s) -- Production & Operations Management
Brian Lynch (1980s - 1990s) -- Information Systems

Bill Wehrs (1980s - 1990s) -- Information Systems


Millorad Novicevic (1990s - 2000s) -- Business Policy & Strategy
Roger Reinsch (1990s) -- Business Law
Mark Weber (1990s) -- Business Policy & Strategy
Joy Pahl (1990s) -- Business Policy & Strategy
Niranjan Pati (1990s) -- Production & Operations Management (Dept. Chair)
Julie Yacizi (1990s - 2000s) -- Production & Operations Management


Seiko Arai (2000s) -- Business Policy & Strategy
Michael Devine (2000s) -- Business Law
Davide Secchi (2000s) -- Organizational Behavior



Justin Kraemer (2010s) -- International Business

Ana Iglesias (2010s) -- Business Policy & Strategy

Alan Macpherson (2010s) -- Human Resource Development

Henry Petersen (2010s) -- Sustainable Business; Business Policy & Strategy

Jonathan Ying (2010s) -- Corporate Social Responsibility

Kareem Shabana (2010s) -- Business Policy & Strategy



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Non-Tenure-track faculty/Instructional Academic Staff: (* = Emeritus status)

NAME (decades taught here) -- Primary area taught


*Barb Bowen (1990s) - Organizational Behavior

*Gail Gillis (2000s - 2010s) -- Production/Operations Management; Management Science



Donna Servais (1980s) -- Business Communication

Dale Olson (1980s) -- Organizational Behavior



Brian Bridgeforth (2000s) -- Organizational Behavior

Patrick Killeen (2000s) -- Compensation & Benefits; Organizational Behavior



Weina Ran (2010s) -- Business Communication

Charley Swayne (2010s) -- Organizational Behavior

Betty Christensen (2010s) -- Business Communication

Barb Larsen (2010s) -- Organizational Behavior; Introduction to Business

Samantha Samreth (2010s) -- Introduction to Business

Katie Zwiefelhofer (2010s) -- Business Communication

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