Welcome to My Amazon Photo Album!  Here are a few of the pictures I have taken while leading Amazon tours for Explorations Inc. over the past 20 years ...

M/V Rio Amazonas Touring River Boat

M/V Rio Amazonas Touring River Boat

Ship's Bar and Bartender

Tour Group Shot June 2002

Quiet Morning on the Amazon River

Local Family in Dugout Canoe

Amazon Jungle Walk

Buttressed Rainforest Tree

Giant Amazon Water Lilies

Piranha Fishing on Lake Caballococha

Bora Indian Dance near Pevas

Yagua Indian Chief

Brazil-Columbia Border

Market in Tabatinga, Brazil

Making Friends with an Anaconda

Amazon River Laundromat

Anaconda in Leticia, Columbia Zoo

Ocelot in Leticia, Columbia Zoo

Pevas, Peru on the Amazon River

Poison Arrow Frog

Pevas, Peru Market Produce

Live & Cooked Palm Grubs in Local Market

Amazon Walking Catfish (carachama)

Caiman I Caught on a Night Excursion

Amazon River Sunset

Making Friends with the Natives

Birding in the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon River Sunset

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