Aquatic Science Masters Program Curriculum

Biology Graduate Student Requirements

All graduate students in biology must meet the following requirements:

  1. Prior to registration each semester, the student must consult with the major adviser.
  2. Submit a written thesis or seminar paper proposal to the advisory committee prior to the midterm of the second
    semester of residence.
  3. Enroll in BIO 751, Graduate Seminar, during the first four semesters of residence. Two of the semesters must
         be taken for one credit each; the other two semesters will be taken on an audit (no credit) basis.
  4. Students who are on campus, utilizing university staff and/or facilities must enroll for a minimum of two credit hours per term, including fall or spring semester, and summer sessions.
  5. Students are encouraged to complete an appropriate graduate course (numbers 500 and above) from outside the departments of biology and microbiology. Upon approval of a student’s advisory committee, a student may be permitted to take a maximum of 10 graduate credits in other departments.
  6. Graduate assistants are required to enroll as full-time students during the first two semesters of residence.
  7. Pass a preliminary oral examination covering the student’s area of specialty and advanced course work.
  8. Complete at least 15 credits of 700-level course work.
  9. Consult this catalog and the department’s graduate student guidelines for additional policies pertaining to graduate students in a biology program.

M.S. Biology, Aquatic Science Concentration

This concentration requires:

  1. Completion of a research thesis in an area of aquatic science
  2. Passing an oral comprehensive exam
  3. Completion of 30 credits with at least 15 credits from the following list; remaining credits are to be selected by the student and the advisory committee.
Course #
Course Title  Credits
BIO 505
Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants
BIO 514
Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology
BIO 519
Quantitative Methods in Ecology
BIO 522
MIC 534
Aquatic Microbial Ecology
BIO 547
Standard Methods and Quality Assurance of Water Analyses
BIO 548
Aquatic Toxicology
BIO 563
Aquatic Animal Health
BIO 564
Stream and Watershed Ecology
BIO 573 Marine Biology
BIO 576 Ecosystem Ecology
BIO 799
Research: Master’s Thesis

With the approval of the student’s advisory committee, other courses may be substituted for those listed. Consult the Biology section of the graduate catalog to see a list of all Biology graduate-level courses.