Links to BIO306 Genetics Lab Projects and Web Assignments

What Genes do I have?

Fly Sequence Assignment (due Week 7 of lab on D2L) (Summer: day 7 of lab)

Fly Cross worksheet (due Week 3 of lab) (Summer: day 3 of lab)

Fly BLAST Assignment (due Week 12 of lab on D2L) (Summer: day 12 of lab)

Fly Cross worksheet Part 2 (worksheet for designing reciprocal cross and tabulating experimental results. You do not need to turn this worksheet in, but it may be helpful in writing your fly paper.)

Drosophila experiment and research paper

(In order to receive full credit for this paper, you must do both the experiment and the paper. Your lab instructor will routinely check your progress and if it appears that you are not performing the work required, and yet you turn in a final paper, it will not be graded.)   

Population Genetics (PV92 Alu insert) Lab

Bioinformatics Lab

Human Genetic Disorder Pamphlet